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Last week was full of great announcements.

Here is a quick wrap-up:

:zap:We released Baserow 1.10.2., here is an overview of what is new.
:zap:We updated the pricing plans: Baserow subscriptions are now live!
:zap:We announced the raise of the €5m Seed Round.
:zap:Baserow was featured on Tech Crunch.

Bunch of new content

Video reviews:

Last months we also worked on partnerships to spread awareness about Baserow. Today we want to share with you some recently published video reviews on the tool:

Justin Mitchel did an overview with the focus on our tech stack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5E9oPEQ4BQg&t=3s.

Simon Høiberg showed how to create email drips using Baserow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3i5ZgFw6zU&t=17s.

DB tech explained how to host Baserow in Docker: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B98pTpQUqmM.

Marc Seitz reviewed Baserow showcasing the repository setup, deployment of Baserow with Docker, and generation of table-specific API documentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkbZw-MZ9_k.

Blog posts:

We also published some new blog posts we invite you to check:

What is Baserow? A quick overview for new users and database creators: https://baserow.io/blog/what-is-baserow

Baserow or Airtable? https://baserow.io/blog/baserow-or-airtable

We want to stop a bit on this piece of content. @hiram prepared The no-code landscape: https://baserow.io/blog/no-code-landscape. This is a curated directory of the best no-code tools — the no-code landscape that counts 100+ companies. Open source is at the core of what we do, and the map is not an exception. Everyone is welcome to contribute to the map (details inside the article) :unlock:

What’s next in the plans:

Release 1.11 is planned to be published in 2 weeks or so. We plan to release more duplication features, additional importing, snapshots, and form conditions.

We will conduct the first community event — Ask Me Anything — very soon. Join us to ask us anything on your mind. Product strategy, new subscription plans, feature requests, integrations with other tools, customer support, on-boarding services, SLAs, and investment priorities — get answers to your biggest questions in real-time from the team.

Register here to not miss the event and submit your questions beforehand: http://bit.ly/39qAou9.

We also have a new open position: Territory Account Manager, are you interested in joining Baserow or know someone who may fit the role — tell us. Any recommendations are highly welcomed: https://baserow.io/jobs/territory-account-manager.

And since it’s an important period for us full of news and announcements… If you love Baserow, why not leave us a review? :point_right:https://baserow.io/form/ao_NynU6BKAp09DK78hU5Miq1bifWje2zkdNh2nxEs0.

That’s it! Have a nice weekend!
Olga :blue_heart:


Hi there,
Just looking at the low-code landscape (The no-code landscape // Baserow) blog post and
was wondering what is the intent of the small green marks added next to some logos? (I think it’s a green keyhole icon??). What does it mean? Great post btw

Hello @simplynail :wave:

This symbol indicates that the project is an open source :point_down:

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All right, sorry I missed that little legend there:)

No worries, it’s a bit hard to see that part :mag: