Line breaks in rich text formatting


In a long text field with rich text formatting enabled, I write a text with line breaks:


When I exit the cell and come back, the line breaks are not present anymore:

Is it a normal behavior or a bug?

Here is what I would expect :

  • When I add line breaks in the field, it remains visible in Baserow after I exit the cell. Indeed, when there is a lot of text in a long text field, it can become really difficult to read without line break.
  • When I export/copy and paste outside Baserow, it keeps the line breaks as it is in the cell : if there is no line break, do not add line break (which is the case today) and if there are 2 line breaks in a row, keep the 2 line breaks in a row

What do you think?

Thank you for your help :pray:

Hey @mossoc :wave:

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Thank you @olgatrykush, sorry I have not found this post when I looked in the forum before posting.

No worries! Thanks for sharing your experience :raised_hands: