Link rows of the same table to each other

So, I’ve worked with Baserow for a while and noticed that I absolutely can’t link rows of the same table to each other. It seems like a very rare use-case, but for some of you who used more classic task-management apps like ClickUp or Asana it will be TOTALLY usefull, if you want to re-create some classic attributes like “parent-child” hierarchy or “blocked by” relation and not creating/duplicating more tables just for it (which will be real headache without folders for tables). It’s not total killer feature, like my previous proposed feature, since I don’t know if it’s easy to implement, but it might be definitely worth to discuss.

I changed your topic title so it is clear what the topic is about.


Hey @florian :wave:

As a ClickUp user myself, I think I understand what you mean by “linking” rows of the same table to each other.

You’re trying to designate dependencies, correct? Like this:

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Yeah, without need to separate tables. It’s occasional need. Sure you can create single-select field with “blocked” status, but it’s not so flexible

Hello @florian! Good news, the development team is currently working on this feature, so you will be able to use it already in Baserow 1.11 :grinning:

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Hello @florian! Great news: the feature ‘Link to the same table’ is now available in Baserow :blush:

More about the recent updates you can read here: 1.10.2 release of Baserow // Baserow.

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It would be really nice to have a tree-view / hierarchy-view when a table has a foreign key to itself. For eg: if item X has children Y and Z:

Some UI ideas:

  1. In Gallery view, the card for X itself can act like folders. This would be the easiest change, but we would have to provide a way to both “View X” v/s “Expand X”. And when X is expanded, some way to navigate back to parent level.

  2. A two-pane view with hierarchy on the left and detail on the right. Similar to Windows’ file explorer view

  1. Fancy but a zoomable treemap. An example can be seen at