Link table from other database in the same workspace


I hope you are all well.

Do you consider allowing us the possibility to link table with tables from another database in the same workspace?

Thank you

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Hello @ozzz! That’s an interesting idea, let me discuss it with the team :grinning:

Hey-hey @ozzz, I clarified this question with the team and can tell you that we plan to work on the features that would allow our users to duplicate and move tables between databases — this functionality may partially fit your request. As for linking tables from other databases, we don’t have these plans yet, but this may change.


Is the moving of tables going to be part of 1.12?


Hey there, we don’t have ETA for this feature yet. As soon as I have some news regarding this functionality, I’ll share updates with you :raised_hands:

The main issue in that regard is that if you have a table that is common to all the databases, ie. employees, units, holidays, products etc, there is no way to share. If at least there is a single button copy / overwrite it might mitigate the problem until there is the option to link tables from other databases (as originally requested by the OP)

Hello @fdion! We understand that and do plan to release a feature that will allow our users to move tables between databases. As soon as I have any news on this functionality, I’ll share it here :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is a use case study of why we need to link to tables in other databases.

We have one database for workers. It manages things like name, slack_id, contact information, work schedule.

Then we have other databases for actual projects, like sales, customer support, …

We need to track WHO is doing those sales and customer support. And if let people type their own names in then by god they will do it wrong. Data must always be linked.