Link table to user model

How can I connect a table with many to many relationship to user model table .
For example table named (tasks) every row have a task should assigned to user .

Hello @selbieh! In Baserow, you can create relationships between tables by linking them together. For that, you should use a ‘Link to table’ field type. You can also join information from different tables using a ‘Lookup’ field type. Is it something you’re looking for?

Unfortunately lookup can be created in the table which contains the link to table.

In cars table if you have a link to drivers so you can get a look up field in car table.

But what if I want this lookup in driver table (which I don’t want to creat another link from driver to cars)

We don’t have a collaborator field type in Baserow yet. So if you want to link tables with some actual Baserow users, you cannot do this, unfortunately. What you can do is to make a table, and put rows into it representing users manually.

The collaborator field type seems to be a very useful feature, and we will definitely add it in the future :raised_hands:

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Please I would like to contribute in this feature

Cool, all contributions are highly appreciated :smiling_face:
Check out this page to see how to contribute: Baserow’s dev environment // Baserow.

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And here is another doc to check out, it goes into more detail on how to contribute: · develop · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab.

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Hello @selbieh, if you still need this functionality, the collaborator field type was added to Baserow thanks to @petrs. From now on, you can assign collaborators by selecting names from a list of users who are invited to your workspace :slightly_smiling_face: