Link to a unique row

Hi - Similar to how airtable has an option to copy record url when right-clicking on a row, is there anything similar in baserow to link directly to a record? The use case is i’m sending someone a slack message that a new row has been created, and I want to provide them a link to that new record.


Hi @mlee, this feature is not yet implemented in Baserow. Perhaps @olgatrykush could change the type of the post to Feature request?

Hey-hey! Done, the category is changed :ok_hand:

And we will discuss this feature request on the upcoming team call, thanks for the suggestion!

Hello @mlee! We have this issue on the backlog, here is the link to GitLab to track the progress: Unique URL for each row (when previewed in a pop-up) (#938) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab.

Hey @mlee, this feature was implemented :ok_hand: