Linked fields return correct value but wrong id

I’m experiencing issue with Linked Field showing wrong id which is making API pretty much unusable. Image below shows the problem.

For context:

  • “Tags” field is linked to “Tag Storage” table
  • Tag Row IDs is looking up row id field from “Tags” (“Tag Storage” table)
  • Tags Json is join(totext(field(‘Tags’)), “”) formula
  • In “Tag Storage” table i have link field to “Tags Actionable” Table.
  • Tags Json field shows the value from Tags (“Tag Storage”), but ID from “Tags Actionable” (so, Out Of Office Tag has 1220 row id in linked field, but is linked to Tags Actionable record that has id 166)

It’s pretty much mix of two linked fields. Is that normal behaviour or bug?

Hi @davidok,

if I try replicating your scenario, I can’t see any JSON in the Tags Json field. Are you sure the shared formula is the one you’re using in the Tags Json field?

Anyway, if you use the API you don’t need a lookup field or a JSON field, the Tags field already contains the row_id and the value: