Live coding session: Building a Finance Dashboard with Appsmith & Baserow

Join tomorrow’s live coding session hosted by our friend from AppSmith, @joseph_appsmith, featuring Baserow’s co-founder, @bram, as a special guest.

During this session, you’ll learn how to build a fully functional financial budgeting dashboard to help you efficiently create, update, and track your and your business budgets.

Event details:

  • Date: Thursday, 28 December
  • Time: 16:00 to 17:00 CET
  • Platform: YouTube

Register now at: Building a Finance Dashboard with Appsmith & Baserow · Luma, and see you there! :raised_hands:


Thanks @olgatrykush ! For anyone who wants to follow along, I’ll be using Baserow’s Personal Finance Manager Template as the backend. You can copy the template, or build on top of your existing base, and then start a new Appsmith app to build your own dashboard and charts.

Here’s a preview of the charting features I’ll be building.

This session will cover:

  • Creating an API token in Baserow, then using that to create a datasource in Appsmith
  • Connecting query results to a chart
  • Calculating summary data using Lodash, and comparing multiple series
  • Writing dynamic JavaScript functions that can be re-used to chart data from any table

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Thank you, @joseph_appsmith, for organizing the session and featuring Baserow. It’s a great example of how a budgeting dashboard can help keep things organized, leading to less stressful financial planning and tracking. :sweat_smile:

To anyone who missed the session, you can watch it here:

Joseph, thank you once again, you rock! :smiling_face:

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Thanks @olgatrykush ! And thanks again to @bram for joining us!

Here’s the template from today’s live coding session.

Just fork the app, and then reconnect the datasource using your own Baserow API token.