Live Hyperlinks in Public View?

Couldn’t find any data on this in the forum, so starting a new topic…Is there any way to make Hyperlink or Email field types clickable in a public form view?

Right now, it seems that in the public form view, the links or emails are visible, but not recognized as links (hyperlinks or mailto links)…would be helpful to enable that option (even by default)…

One point of clarification - it appears that the links ARE live in the grid view, but I was actually viewing the “card” view pop-up for a given row (i.e. clicking the little box icon that appears when hovering over a given record)…that’s the “Form view” to which I was referring above.

Hello @jimmy! You are talking about the row edit modal, right? See the screenshot below :point_down:

If yes, then I can confirm that this feature is in our plans. You can use this link to track the progress: Make links in the URL field type clickable in the full view mode. (#1072) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab.

Brilliant - yes, the row edit modal is the screen to which I was referring. Thanks for the quick reply!