Localized Number Format

Hi. Although I switched to German as interface language, the numbers are not represented correctly for German language:

The number 1000 gives


and not


as it would be correct in German.

Worst thing: It seems, that also the CSV import does not take the language setting into account. This makes Baserow useless for to import German CSV data from our bank accounts.

Is there a setting somewhere which can change the number format to German?

Hello @mado, first of all, welcome to the Baserow community :wave:

I’ll check with the dev team about this case. Sorry for the inconvenience it may have caused!

Hi @mado, sorry to hear that the formatting doesn’t work as expected. The interface language is not related to formatting options, so switching between English and German will not have any effect. I assume you’re using the number field, which doesn’t support thousand separators. It does have a decimal separator, but that’s always by a dot. We have an issue on the backlog to improve this: Number formats based on locality for display and input (#972) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab, but we haven’t decided whether this will be a user formatting or field setting. How would like to see this implemented?

Do you have the ability to format the CSV file via another tool? Maybe you could open it in Excel or a similar tool and remove the dots from that related column and then import it into Baserow.

A field specific setting would not make sense to me, because then it could happen you have multiple fields with different locality. I could not imagine a usecase for this and did not see it somewhere else.

Most frontends I know (HeidiSql e.g.) use the locale setting of the OS. Tools which are meant for import or conversion, like LibreofficeCalc for CSV, have an import setting at that time to choose the decimal seperator. Afterwards it is represented as normal, means, system locale setting. In LibreofficeCalc one has the Option to set the seperator corresponding to the localisation or or choose it by your own.

I would recommend to set it according to the system locale like sent by the browser with each request or have it as a user specific setting, but let the default the browser locale.

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For the CSV import it would be very useful to be able to choose the field seperator and the decimal seperator. Also the date format - with dot seperator e.g., like dd.mm.yyyy is not only used in German speaking countries, but in many others. This would also be a useful option, although for normal view the ISO format yyyy-mm-dd would be ok. For CSV import flexibility would be a need.

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