Look up fields in Application builder

Hello Everyone. I recently started exploring Baserow and I find it very interesting. Currently, I am trying to use the application builder to generate a receipt from my table.

The table has a lookup field that contains prices of services, but the data in the lookup field are not appearing in the application builder. I have tried to use formula to convert the lookup field into simple text, but I can’t find the right formula.

I would appreciate any helpful suggestion. Thank you in anticipation for your help.


Welcome to the community. I hope you enjoy working with the application builder!

You need to solve this indeed with a formula for the moment. The formula is a combination of the lookup() and join() function.

  • lookup() to get the value(s)
  • join() to merge this into a single text / number

For example: if the name of your linked field is Project and the field in the Projects table is named Budget, the formula looks like this: join(lookup('Project','Budget'),'')

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Thank you very much. That’s very helpful.