Lookup fields are incompatible with form view

First, I’d like to thank the developers of this awesome App. It works great.

My questions is: the docs say “lookup fields are incompatible with form view”. Why? I have a use case, which I don’t think is that extreme, where I would link to be able to select a “Link to Table” field, say, for example, and ID of a client, and then I would like to see auto-populated fields related to that client, but on the form. Which is precisely what the lookup field does, but only on the Grid. And I think it could be very valuable for the person inputing information via de form, to be able to have lookup fields shown on the form.

Is there any workaround or plans to add lookup fields to the form?


Hey there, I found one issue tracking this use case: Make it possible to use the lookup field in the form view (#763) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab

@bram did we never add this feature because we didn’t get around to it, or is there another constraint that makes it impossible?

This problem is that the lookup field, and the formula field as well, are read only fields. They depend on the backend to figure out what the value needs to be. When filling out the values in the form, the row is not actually created in the backend, this will only happen after you click the submit button, so the web-frontend doesn’t know how to display the correct value at that point.

I can see the value of adding formulas and lookups to a form, purely for displaying purposes. This is however quite complicated to build, but I don’t think it’s impossible. We don’t have concrete plans of implementing this soon, but we’ll keep definitely keep this in mind.

@santiagolarrain, would it already help for you, if you can choose another link to table related field as a “display value” in the form? This means that you can choose another field in the related table, which will then show that value in the dropdown instead of the value of the first/primary field. This would be easier to implement.

I came here to comment that this is actually the middle-ground I was hoping for.