Lookup with a multiple select


I hope you are fine.

I need to do a lookup on a linked table to get multiple selections saved in the linked table.

I can’t do it using the Lookup type maybe a formula one?

Hello @ozzz, the lookup type should work in your case :thinking:
Maybe we’re missing some details, could you please share some further explanations on what are you trying to do?

Hey @ozzz,

Would also like to hear more about what you’re looking to accomplish, as Olga asked above. However, in the meantime, I would recommend that you take a look at the Personal Health Template, which has links to tables as well as the lookup function in the formula field.

Not 100% sure, but something tells me this might be what you’re looking to accomplish. Give it a glance and let us know.


I have a table with multiple choices.

This table is link to another table.

I would like this other table to display the multiple choices from the first table.

It doesn’t seem to be possible.m right now as the multiple choices filed doesn’t appear in the rollout field menu.

I changed my multiple choices by table.

But just so you know

Hmm… not entirely sure what you mean by “rollout field menu” here. Are you referring to a “rollup” field instead? And if so, are you importing from Airtable by chance?

If you could provide some screenshots or GIFs, that might help us out. :slight_smile:

Hey @ozzz, you’re right — unfortunately, the Lookup field doesn’t support Multiple Select field type yet. As well as the formula field function ‘Lookup’, they both only support the Single Select field type.

Let me check with the development team if we can get this feature done. I’ll get back to you with the news shortly :blush:

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Hello @HiramFromTheChi, I guess @ozzz meant that when you use the Lookup field type it rolls you out tables and fields that you can link, and in this case, it doesn’t show fields that have Multiple Select, because Baserow doesn’t support looking up the Multiple Select field type yet.


Had the same issue with not being able to select a multi select field via the lookup feature, any updates on this?

Still in our backlog unfortunately. Can’t give an accurate estimate at the moment but will keep this thread informed if that changes.


Any updates?
Additionally I saw, that multiple-select-fields cannot be chosen for a formula, neither …

Hi Martin,

My workaround for this is using a separate table to store my values instead of using a multiple select field. It allows me to select multiple values as linked fields and it offers me much more flexibility.

Any updates on this one? I signed up for baserow as some of the branding is ‘Airtable Alternative’ and this is a function in Airtable so I was hoping it would be the same

Hello @sirted123, first of all, welcome to the Baserow community! :wave:

There are no updates on this feature:( However, all open issues on GitLab can now be filtered by weight (weight = priority), and you can see that this one is currently ranked pretty high from all 500+ open issues: Lookup field compatibility with a multiple select field (#1351) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab. You can use this link to track its progress.

Thanks for letting me know, much appreciated!

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