to Baserow

Hi, we’re currently building a waiting list page and we’re using Tally for the form and baserow for the database. However, we encountered an issue to the “select/multiselect fields” from Tally and will get a “badrequest” upon upon storing the data to baserow, other regular fields work.

Hi @karenEverneat, sorry to hear that the Make integration isn’t working for you. Can you share more about what we’re trying to do exactly. It would help if you can share a screenshot of your automation in Make, a screenshot of the table with the multiple select field and also the options that the multiple select field has. Any information that helps us to reproduce the issue can help.

As an alternative… does the Baserow forms feature not fit your requirements?

I am having the same issue. I am unable to map any data to single select fields using Make. For now, I just have them as text fields instead. Would love to get this fixed though so we can use the kanban functionality.