Make URL types hyperlinks in Lookup fields

URL field types are not hyperlinks when you bring them into a Lookup field.

Can we make them hyperlinks (i.e., clickable) please.

Great idea @deet. We’ll discuss this request :ok_hand:

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On a related note, when you open a row into the bigger form interface (by clicking on the broken square thing at the start/left of a record, URL types are also not clickable in that interface either. We need more respect for the URL type :slight_smile:

Great point @deet! Added to the list of discussions :ok_hand:

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@deet this feature is available using the button and link formula functions.

So for example in your table you could add a new Formula with with the formula link(field('JIRA links(s)') and now the links should be clickable.

But 100% agree that URL’s should also be clickable in the same way.

@nigel thanks for pointing that workaround out. It works, although not super elegant to have seemingly duplicative link fields. Interesting that you can build a link, although I think as you agree, natives links shouldn’t need to go through this step.

We have discussed this request, and we’ll make URLs hyperlinks in Lookup fields. Thanks for bringing our attention to this, @deet! :raised_hands:

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