Mapping Two Events to a Button

I tried to map two events to a button.
One was ‘Show Notification’, another is ‘Create Row’.

In the published application, clicking the button generates a error message and it does not work.

How to do this? Is is possible to do that in baserow?


You should be able to have multiple events for a single action. It is possible that the Create row action return an error because one off the fields did not received a correct result.

To see the exact error, you can use the inspector of your browser and select the network tab. Click the submit button (or trigger the event) and you should see that the dispatch/ request fails.

Next, click the Preview or Response tab to see more details about the error. In my case, the error is that I want to add the text ‘This will not work’ to a link to table field. The linked table does not have a record names ‘This will not work’ and therefore, it returns an error.

Hi, thanks for your post.
It seems that the event, ‘Show Notifications’ does not work properly.

What I try to do wth submit button was that when it is clicked, showing notifications of “submit success” and saving the form value to table in my DB.

But showing notifications with the submit button clicked does not work when only one event(=show notifications) is used with the button.

Can you retry by removing the events and adding them again. If this still doesn’t work, I need to check with the team what causes this behaviour.

I already had tried the removing and creating events sever times.
I dealed with only one event(showing notification of “Success!” text) but all failed.

I confirm it should work. Have you also already tried with a brand new button? Could we see a screenshot of the configuration of the notification event? May be something breaks it.
If it still doesn’t work, ultimately, could you try on a new page?

After conducting the experiment, I discovered the outcome.
Cause of the error was my checking of ‘Reset to default values after submission’ option.

When I uncheck the above option, there is no error with the showing notification event (and no problem using with other event such as ‘create row’).

Does the problem re-occur when you set the checkbox back on?

No, it doesn’t.