Mark form as closed/not accepting responses


It’d be great if there was a way in Baserow to:

  1. mark a form as “closed”/“not accepting responses”
  2. show a message to visitors explaining what their next step should be

The suggestion is directly copied from the same feature in Google Forms.

Use case:

Most forms are for collecting data only for a fixed time. For example, collecting list of emails for people interested in a concert. Once that time is over, I need to make sure that visitors cannot submit new entries.

Deleting the form so that the link becomes 404 is a much worse experience because I may lose potential important contacts. It is also a jarring experience for the incoming visitors.

If I don’t delete the form then visitors may keep on submitting the form. Then I need to keep monitoring the relevant table for any new incoming responses, which is a headache for me.

Therefore, I’d like if I could mark a form as closed and show a reason/explanation for the closure to incoming visitors.

Hello @gaurangtandon, that’s a great suggestion. Let me discuss it with the team, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I have any updates.

And thanks for explaining your use case, these details really help during internal discussions of the community requests :raised_hands:

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This is my vote, sounds like a good idea.

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Hello @gaurangtandon!

Great news, your request was accepted, and here is the GitLab issue: Mark form as closed/not accepting responses (#1515) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab. I don’t have any estimates of when we are going to implement it, but you can use the link above to track the progress.