Maximum 2 Snapshots - I have none in the account - can't make any

Hi, I initially made 2 snapshots of my database a week ago. I am a premium user. When I tried to make my third snapshot, I first deleted number one as there is a maximum of 2 snapshots.
I got an error message saying there is a maximum of two snapshots per account.
I deleted my one and only snapshot and tried again.
I got the same message.
I now have no snapshots in my account (I have emptied the trash) but cannot make a new snapshot as I always get the same error message. Two snapshots maximum.
Please help!

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Hi @campusingles,

I just retested this limit in our production saas and it seems to work well for me.

Are you the only person in the workspace? Are you sure you don’t have other databases in the workspace with snapshots?

Hello Petrs,

Yes I am the only user in the workspace. Yes I am sure that there are no other databases in the workspace with snapshots.

I initially did make two snapshots, but when I wanted to make a third, I deleted one. As I still got the error message that there was a maximum of two, I also deleted the second snapshot. I also emptied the trash! Now there are no snapshots at all, but the system will not let me make one. I think it is a bug.

For now I am duplicating the database daily, to have a backup.

Perhaps you can tell me where I can see the “snapshot area”, so that I can indeed check that there is nothing there.

Does anybody know where the snapshots are kept in the control panel?

Apologize for not providing an update earlier. The development team is investigating your issue :raised_hands:

Hi @campusingles sorry for the delay looking into this, we’ve found the problem and fixed your workspace for now. You should now be able to make snapshots again.

We’ll fix the bugs that caused this situation so it won’t happen to you again, but for now, please check and make sure any Kanban views you have in your database always have a single select field chosen to stack by before running any sort of duplication or snapshot.

Thank you :slight_smile: It now works perfectly.