Maximum free number of rows

Hello @fes666666!

@joffcom and @petrs were helping you before, and I believe they will check your new request as soon as they can (or someone else from the community might jump in and help you).

Hope for your understanding :raised_hands:

Entirely my fault, I started looking and found examples on how to it but AppGyver is not easy to use and I have just not found enough time to fight with it.

It is important to note that this is in no way at all an issue with Baserow and it is around building the custom logic in AppGyver to return the data.

How to do this can be found here: Airtable http request (100 item limit / pagination) - #11 by Meili_Yang - AppGyver but the AppGyver fields have changed a bit since then, If anyone has used AppGyver before or has some time to spend on it that would be great :slight_smile: