Maximum free number of rows

I have created a database in a workspace that contains 365 rows, but in my app I only see 100 rows!
Isn’t it free to see 3000 rows per workspace?

Hey @fes666666,

Is your app using the API? It sounds like it could be a pagination issue on the call to get the records.

The free tier does indeed have a 3000 row limit per workspace.

Hi joffcom,
Thanks for your reply.
Yes, my app uses the api and when it syncs the data, it only fetches 100 rows!

Hey @fes666666,

The default size for each row in the API is 100 items, You would need to increment the page parameter until you get 0 records back or use the next parameter from the response until the value is null.

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Thanks for the reply.
Could you please explain a bit more.
What exactly should I do and where?

That all depends on your code really, I don’t have an example to hand but… what language are you using I might be able to pop an example together for you.

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Basically, the results are paginated. Imagine that you would have a big table - you don’t want to receive all the records in one request, as they can be many. Ideally, you will make multiple requests to retrieve all the rows.

I assume you use some sort of another app/integration/no code platform? How do you specify the request?

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Thanks for your reply.
I use Appgyver as integration platform.
This is how I connect the rest API to my DB located on Baserow:




My database in Baserow looks like this:

Thank you very much in advance for your assistance.

I have not used Appgyver before but I will see if I can free some time up to look into it.

As a starting point it is likely to be something like this: Airtable http request (100 item limit / pagination) - AppGyver


I checked with AppGyver and it says there is no limit to accessing 3000 rows.
However, the limitation is that API REST calls can only obtain a maximum of 100 rows
Has anyone here run a Baserow database toward AppGyver or another integration platform that contains more than 100 rows?

Hey @fes666666,

The issue is not with Baserow or Appgyver directly. When making the api call it will return 100 rows and a next page link, you would need to make sure that your logic is checking for that link in the response then following it until there is no more data left.

I went to sign up for a trial but the SAP signup page to get access wants all sorts of information and I had to look at something else for work. Did you follow the link I posted the other day that explains how to resolve the same issue with Airtable using the same theory?

I am still planning on signing up for an account so I can get an example together but I suspect it may be quicker for you depending on your experience with Appgyver.

Hi joffcom

Well, I checked the link you sent, but the solution seems to be very complicated!

Hey @fes666666,

That it may be sadly, a lot of APIs will limit the response amount and implement what is called pagination. This allows the system you are working with to be overloaded with data, depending on what you are doing an easier solution could be to point your api call to a Zapier / Make / n8n webhook that returns all the data for you.

But I will still look at what is involved as it sounds interesting and feels like something that could be useful for others.

Hi @joffcom
I have stopped my app development because limiting rows to a maximum of 100.
Hope you have time to look into the reason as soon as you can!

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Hey @fes666666

The good news is I have an account set up, I just need to quickly learn how to actually use it then I will get something together for you.

Are you using the HTTP Request add-on from the app market on there?

Hi @joffcom
To make it easier for you, I thought I would send you a test project that you can import into Appgyver and see how I have connected my DB in Baserow to the Test app.
I want to send it to you privately via the forum but I’m not authorized!
How do you want it?

Hey @fes666666,

I have sent you a DM that might work, if not I can send you my email address.


I need your help to continue with my app on Appgyver.
My batabase in Baserow is at 365 rows and when I connect it with Appgyver, I only see 100 rows!
I have tested the same database with 365 rows on other platforms such as Firebase, Mockchino and others and it works with Appgyver to see all 365 rows.
I know it’s about pagination!

But how to solve that?

It’s almost two months since I asked my question and unfortunately so far I haven’t received any help!