Method \"PATCH\" not allowed

Raw response for the API Status code 405 {"detail":"Method \"PATCH\" not allowed."}


i want to update status of a transaction record, so i am finding the desired record with (field_245770) but its sending me an status 405.

my API docs gave patch url as{row_id}/?user_field_names=true

Hi Siddharth,

the PATCH row API (ReDoc) requires row id to be specified.

You can find the id first and then call PATCH on the endpoint once the row id is known.

But i am not using that row Id, because I. Want to Search the row by using phone number and then update it,

It is not possible to search and update the field in one go currently. Use the “list database rows” endpoint (ReDoc) first where you can apply the filter, retrieve the id, and make the change with that id. I hope this helps.

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