Method \”POST\” not allowed

Raw response for the API Status code 405 {“detail”:“Method “POST” not allowed.”}

$url = “”;

i want to update status of a transaction record, so i am finding the desired record with (field_338989) but its sending me an status 405.

my API docs gave patch url as{row_id}/

@mauroary44 to update a record you need to send a PATCH request instead of a POST. An URL isn’t a PATCH url. You make a request to an URL with a particular request method (PATCH, GET, POST etc). See HTTP request methods - HTTP | MDN.

@nigel , that line was just showing how I was sending the URL.
My code is here, and the error continues to appear.
To Read, Create and Delete works well in Update is always giving error.

You need to change POST to PATCH on line 5 of your PHP. You are sending a POST request to an endpoint that requires a PATCH. This blog might help: REST / HTTP methods: POST vs. PUT vs. PATCH . In our API documenation to update a row it is shown that you need to send a PATCH request.

@nigel , Fantastic, it worked!! :wink: :muscle:

I’ll see that documentation and get to understand better about REST / HTTP methods: POST vs. PUT vs. PATCH

Now I could understand why your API documenation has PATCH / GET / POST and each one with different colors.

Thanks a lot for the help friend.