Modos: Baserow and Metabase

My name is Alexander Soto and co-founded Modos.

We are an early-stage company building an ecosystem of open-hardware and open-source e-ink devices designed for reading, writing, and thinking in a distraction and eyestrain-free environment to address issues related to:

  • Eye strain and eye fatigue.
  • Prefer to work outside or in a different environment without the sun’s glare.
  • Work in a “distraction-free” environment.
  • Are unable to use their laptops due to sensitivity to blue light, among other reasons.

We use Baserow for our internal tools and have recently started using Baserow with Metabase for our community surveys. We hope to continue using Baserow internally, and when combined with Metabase allows us to present information to our community.

Thank you to @bram for the support, the Baserow team, and the community.


Hello @alexasoto! Thanks for jumping into the community and sharing your story, we appreciate it a lot!
Whoa, you build devices that care about well-being, that’s really cool! And I like the company’s vision, this sounds so right :clap:

We want to support you in having a healthier relationship with technology, allowing you to focus on what matters most. 

Can I ask you, how did you hear about Baserow?

This looks dope @alexasoto, thanks for sharing. Love the mission and vision behind Modos.

Glad Baserow is part of your stack. Here’s to a healthier future. :raised_hands:

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Thank you for your kind words! Not a problem!

A combination of searching online, looking for Airtable alternatives, finding out it was available in Cloudron, and using it for months. I can’t wait for 1.12 and the other updates.

Thank you once again!

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

We are happy to be using Baserow :heart: