More login options to improve the user experience of Baserow users

Hi all!

It would be interesting to log in as Github, Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft Outlook,, Gitlab, Mozilla Firefox, only with username, only with cell phone

1. Ui/ux

1.1 ui/ux

1.2 ui/ux

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Users can login with email, username or cell phone along with password


1. Email allowed domains to avoid spam

  1. Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, protonmail, Tutanota, Mailfence, Disroot, Posteo, Barracuda, Fastmail etc… type array in database in Postgres

2. User phone to avoid spam



Hello @anon7289648!

Whoa, you did a great job with preparing the UI/UX ideas and collecting all of the needed references for us! Thank James, we appreciate your enthusiasm very much :hugs:

We have a team call later today, where I’m going to discuss all of your feature ideas/suggestions and will be back to you with the details by the end of the day. Thanks again for your activity :blue_heart:

Hey @anon7289648! We’ve chatted with the team on this topic and we all agreed that we definitely need to have more login options. That indeed seems to be interesting to be able to authorize an account using, for example, GitLab as an authentication identity provider. As well as Gmail, Github, and other services from your list. We’ll probably start working on this feature in 3-4 months. Thanks for arising this topic and sharing your ideas with us :hugs: