Move all data from --> self-hosted (and vice versa)

I’ve started using Baserow via the hosted app provided by Bram and the team on

I’d now like, instead, to use the self-hosted version so we have direct database access.

Is there an automated way to do this? … I couldn’t find answers searching for “migration to self-hosted” and similar terms.

Of course, it might also be useful for some folks who are fed up with self-hosted to know how they can migrate their Baserow data to

Thanks for any input! Continued best wishes to this productive team doing important work.

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Hi @bfranklin, this is certainly possible! A while ago we’ve introduced database export/import capabilities. This is a command line feature a the moment and in the future this will also become available via the web-frontend.

For now, I can help you with the migration by creating an export on the hosted version. You can then use that to import your data into your self hosted instance. The downside is that you need to have some technical skills and be comfortable with the command line to import your data.

Let me know if this is something that you would like to do. Then we’ll move the discussion privately, verify ownership of the data, create the export and provide instructions on how to import.