Multi-tenant web app question

Hello guys, I just came across baserow a few days ago and I am really impressed with the product and have already shared it with some of my friends.

My friend and I are interested in developing a web app for the health sector and would love to use baserow as a database because of it’s simplicity as opposed to coding.

I would like to know please if it is possible to create a multi tenant web app with baserow.

We plan to have multiple health practitioners on our app and want to give each health practitioner access to the medical records of his patients only (create, read,delete, update) and not all patients.

Hey @Sevenbricks,

It would be possible but it all comes down to what you are using to build your web app and how you implement Baserow.

Baserow supports multiple users and workspaces so each customer would need their own workspace and user that can only access that workspace.

As it is medical data though depending on your location you may have to deal with industry regulations that you will need to be compliant with like if you were US based HIPAA will be important so it would be worth looking into what is needed for that.

Thank you @joffcom for your reply.

I worked a little bit on but I am not a developer so I am sorry in advance if I ask a question that isn’t clear or incomplete.

We’ll be using react for the front end (created with locofy) and node.js, and APIs (authentication…) for the backend.

Can the solution you suggested be automated? I mean once the user creates an account on the web app, automatically the workspace and user is created for him.

I am open to any suggestion in case you have a good idea on how to implement this.

Also, do you guys offer a service for implementing this or is there any expert in baserow that you can recommend to me? As someone that just came across baserow recently, having this implemented for us by someone experienced would be a huge time saver.

P.S: I forgot to mention that users won’t have access to baserow and will only be interacting with the web app.

Hey @Sevenbricks,

There is an API that can create workspaces, users and api tokens so in theory it would be possible to automate setting up the database as part of the signup process.

You can find some of the api docs here: Baserow API spec

Implementation for this is not something I offer but I am also not a member of the Baserow team, I will leave one to @olgatrykush and @bram :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy to answer any questions you have though.

Thank you so much @joffcom for all the information provided. It was really helpful to know that it is possible to achieve this with baserow.

I will contact @olgatrykush and @bram to see if they offer a setup service.

Wish you a great day @joffcom :sunglasses: