Multiple Select + Formula

I’d like to sort records according to a score computed based on the values of a multiple select column. Say my tags are “xxx ToDo”, “xxx Done” for various values of xxx and I want to assign a score that’s equal to the number of ToDo tags (not the actual example but similar in complexity).
But there does not seem to be a way to use functions on multiple selects. Even a single function accepting multiple selects that lets you convert the tag array into a separated string that can be used by the current functions would help here (in my case I could then achieve my goal with regexp_replace’s and length). Any alternative idea?

Hey @Yam, this issue is currently in progress: Support multiple select in the formula field (#1363) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab, and it’ll be possible to use multiple select in the formula field starting from the next release. :slightly_smiling_face: