Multiple select

Multiple select vs. Table - could you explain advantages and disadvantages for each of them? F.e. impact to a baserow performance, use cases (when is better to use multiple select and when table), etc.

I have also some more questions. You can also use them as a feature request or tip for a future releases:

  1. Would it be possible to sort multiple select data field items alhabetically? I know it can be done manually, but if I have almost 100 items, I would be glad for a simple submenu function which would sort them automatically for me.

  2. Is it possible to export multiple select data field items? Also, is (or will be in some future version) possible to convert multiple select field into a table?

  3. Can be the items from linked table colorized (customized color - at least from predefined fixed color palette), similar to multiple select items? I like that multiple select item have their colors, but if I would change the concept and switch from mult. select to linked table, then I will miss the colors.

And one more feature tip: find and replace - it would be useful to be able to find and replace text in standard text-type fields.

Hello @marcus, just to clarify, do you want to compare the Multiple Select Field Type with Table? Or am I missing something here?

That’s a good idea. Let me discuss it with the team.

It is not currently possible, but I have added it to the list of feature requests.

I’ll discuss this request with the team :ok_hand:

In my opinion, it would be great to have this functionality. I think we have already received a few requests for it in the past. I will also discuss it with the team.

For the future, @marcus, let’s create separate threads for different feature ideas to make them easier to manage. :pray:

Yes, I would be interested in when is better to use Multiple select and when Table. Because Multiple select looks better (colors) and also filling out it in a database is faster than from table. But in terms of data intergity and avoiding the duplicate items (if having f.e. two or more tables with the same column with the same items to select) it would be better to use table, as far as I understand. But it’s slower to use it. Right? Do you have some more tips?

Have you seen the article that @Alex wrote on how to model your Baserow data? It provides some general yet very useful tips: How to Model your Baserow Data // Baserow.

I think I did in the past, but will read it again. Thanks.

@marcus let me know if the article doesn’t answer your question :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @marcus, getting back to you on these requests:

For single and multiple select, we’ll add the possibility to sort options alphabetically. We also think it’ll be great to allow sorting when choosing a link-to-table relationship (it’ll be a separate feature).

We might want to solve it by allowing to copy the select options to your clipboard. And maybe also allow importing from the clipboard, which will create new select options.

This request was rejected, unfortunately. We don’t think it’s a good idea to colorize linked rows (to avoid overwhelming the UI).

We definitely want to add a “find and replace” feature in the future. We already have an issue for it: Search and replace in table (#1350) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab.