Native automations on Baserow?

Hi everyone,

From what I understand, on Baserow we can trigger automations in other apps using webhooks. This is great!

But in the other direction, it seems we can’t create an automation natively on Baserow, which would be able to do an action on Baserow (e.g. create and fill a new row) triggered by an external webhook. This feature exists on Airtable and is very convenient because it allows to work without a third party app like Zappier or Make (which creates more dependancy and can ultimately cost money for high frequence automations).

Has the team already looked into this possible feature?

Thanks in advance for the reply and keep up the amazing work!


In the future we actually plan to develop our own workflow automation tool (like zapier or make) that will part of Baserow but can also be used standalone.

There is no e.t.a or concrete plans for this project yet though.

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