Need help in usages of row

I’m new on baserow.
Anyone can tell me, how is baserow show row usages in dashboard. I created many row and getting data from those rows but Its show my row usage 0 and 0. Please tell me about this.
Thanks :+1:

Can you show an image of what you are seeing?

Look here

And my test table

Please tell me about this problem :pleading_face:

Hi @shubham, the row usage should be recomputed regularly (e.g. at least once a day), it is not a real-time count.

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What happened if I exceed row usage limit ? Does it stop creating new row in a workspace ? And , Does it affect for updating row ?

Currently, this is a soft limit, as in you can continue to use Baserow as you are used to. However if you are regularly or permanently over the limit, you should consider paying for a subscription or self-hosting Baserow (no limits there).

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