New community digest: apps build with Baserow's Application Builder, a preview of an AI field in Baserow and much more

Hello, Baserow Community :wave:

This month’s community spotlight is particularly spicy! Lots to break down, so let’s get into it. Plus: a sneak peek at our new AI feature!

Community spotlight

Cool new things our community created:

:zap: Check out this step-by-step video guide to install Baserow effortlessly on Docker from BigBearTechWorld.

:zap: Discover how to transform Shopify Marketing Data into Insights with n8n & Baserow by Sascha.

:zap: Check out how to do report automation with Make, ChatGPT, and Baserow from our ambassador, AJ.

:zap: Discover how to automate audio-to-text transcriptions using Baserow from our ambassador, AJ.

:zap: [French] Check out the event Le Pitch where you can discover the top alternatives to Airtable. Baserow is represented by our ambassador, Raphael Scotto Di Perta.

:zap: [Portuguese] Learn how to use Baserow with Typebot. By myzapbots.

:zap: [Spanish] See how to create a sales chatbot with n8n, Baserow and Evolution API. Created by Rubén Salazar.

News and announcements from the team

Release 1.23

In case you missed the news, Baserow’s new module — application builder is now available in public beta. We’ve also launched a new website that reflects Baserow’s rebrand, and introduced some exciting features for our database:

  • Rich text formatting
  • Duration field type format with days
  • Password field type
  • Filtering and sorting for editor role and lower
  • Copy single value to all selected cells

More of everything new in Baserow 1.23!

Apps built with Baserow’s new Application Builder

Even in the beta version, you can already build impressive web apps with Baserow’s new Application Builder. :hammer_and_wrench:

Global Industrie event

The Baserow team is traveling to France. :fr:

From the 25th to the 28th of March, we will be at the Global Industrie conference in Paris. If you’re attending, come and say hi.

Baserow AI

Here’s a sneak peek at the new generative AI developments in Baserow, set to be released in Baserow 1.24. :eyes:

New YouTube videos

New videos alert! :video_camera:

New team members

Our Application Builder team is growing rapidly! Say hi to Andrea Disarò and Tsering Paljor in the comments. :wave:

Other useful resources to check out

How to delete rows in bulk with Baserow API

Transforming healthcare software development with no-code | Baserow

How to enable workflow automation for teams without code

How to update existing rows when importing CSV files with Make automation

How to import and link data to existing tables using Make automation

That’s it for today! Have a great day and take care!

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Welcome Andrea and Tsering :partying_face:

I really liked this article on the Baserow website.

As a nurse and hobby programmer I am always interested in ways to make my work easier. To bad that a lot of organisations have committed themselves to big companies for their EHR systems. And big companies means always big money they have to spend to use the EHR.

Thanks @Peter!

That’s true! Hopefully, we’ll see more use of no-code in the healthcare industry in the future.

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Since I have used a lot of EHR systems over the years I wouldn’t mind do a test of a EHR system that other users are developing.