New community digest: webinar on Accelerating Industry 4.0, Capterra's 2023 Shortlist, new team member, Baserow memes, and more

Hey, there!

Here’s what’s been happening around Baserow:

Community spotlight

Cool new things our community created

:zap: Learn how to build a wishlist app with Baserow, Astro, and Solid. Created by Darko.

:zap: Watch this video tutorial on how to add dynamic data to Webstudio using Baserow and n8n by @frederikdc.

:zap: Install Baserow on Linux with this step-by-step tutorial by Jack Wallen.

:zap: Take a look at the interesting insights about how to use AI to learn, or improve and speed up your work by Brandon Hull.

:zap: Check this useful Baserow demo prepared by Joshua Tiernan from NoCodeFounders.

:zap: Read this comparison of Baserow vs Airtable by Mark M.

News and announcements from the team

Version 1.21 release

Baserow 1.21 brought to life many of our most requested features, allowing you to:

:small_blue_diamond: Discover greater insights with row change history.
:small_blue_diamond: Get flexible database views with advanced filtering.
:small_blue_diamond: Edit values in the row edit modal of a relationship.
:small_blue_diamond: Link to multiple entries in the form view using the link-to-table field type.
:small_blue_diamond: Connect file fields in the lookup field type.
:small_blue_diamond: Quickly open the row edit modal in grid view using the space bar keyboard shortcut.
:small_blue_diamond: Continue where you left off with the last visited view.

Baserow 1.22 is scheduled for a couple of weeks from now, and it will be our BIGGEST release to date. Stay tuned! :grin:


Last call! The Baserow webinar ‘Accelerate Industry 4.0’ is happening tomorrow at 16:00 CET!

We will discuss:

  • No-code technology: A human-centric approach to digitization in manufacturing
  • Digitization of daily operations: Short interval management, task management, customer support, Gemba Walks
  • Customer stories: How Groupe Atlantic, Metso Otoutec,, and Araymond leverage no-code tools for highly productive teams
  • Q&A

The webinar features special guest Claire Jolimont, CEO at Pingflow and expert in digital visual management solutions. If you’re in manufacturing or operations, is a session you don’t want to miss!

RSVP now here, and see you there!

Ambassador program

We kicked off our first meetup with Baserow Ambassadors! :drum:

A big thank you to our ambassadors for joining us on this exciting journey. We’re very excited about all the upcoming work we’ll do together to localize the Baserow community and facilitate knowledge sharing and networking among local Baserow users.

If you’re interested in joining, submit your interest here. (Please note that we’re currently full for France.)


:tada: Baserow has been included in Capterra’s 2023 Shortlist for both the no-code and low-code development platform categories!

With 300+ software products in this category, we are honored to be among the top 12 on this list. We owe this recognition to your reviews!

Check the details here.

New team member

Welcome our newest team member, Afonso Silva, from sunny Portugal. :portugal:

Afonso is our new full-stack developer who will be strengthening the power of our development team.

Also, we conducted a brief interview with @HiramFromTheChi, our Head of Product Marketing, and asked him a few questions so that you can learn more about our working culture here at Baserow. If what Hiram said sounds like the right fit for you, join us!

Bet you’ll fit right in. :sunglasses:

Baserow memes

@HiramFromTheChi felt we were missing some Baserow memes, so he created these. Which one’s your favorite?

If we had a community meme battle, would you participate? :crossed_swords:

  • For sure!
  • Nooo
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Other useful resources to check out

→ [For French speakers out there!] In this video, you can find out more about the recent new features that we’ve added to Baserow and see the first-ever-published short preview of the Baserow app builder.
How to sync and automate data entry using Zapier and Baserow
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That’s it for today! Have a great day and take care!

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Welcome Afonso :+1: