🥁 New feature release: Baserow 1.19 is live!

Collaboration is now even easier and more effective with the launch of Baserow 1.19.

This update includes:
→ @-mentions
→ Notification system
→ Edit and delete comments
→ Improved search speed (especially in large datasets)
→ AWS deployment
→ Sort by lookup
→ New colors

Get the full scoop :new:

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Speaking of a new search mechanism - if I would like to benefit from it, do I have to make some configuration tweaks in my docker container environment settings (I mean should I add the parameter “search_mode” and use the value “full-text-with-count”)?

Hi @marcus!

Sorry for the confusion - if you’re searching from within Baserow’s UI, in a view for example, then there are no changes to make. Feel free to visit any Baserow table and start searching.

Only developers who wish to use full-text search in our REST API need to add a search_mode=full-text-with-count along with their search parameter to gain access to full-text search.

There are some new environment variables which can help configure full-text search, but most people won’t need to alter them.

I hope this helps!


OK, understand. So I don’t have to change anything in my configuration and still searching will be faster with the new baserow version, if using the baserow’s UI (baserow database accessed via web browser), right<

Good morning @marcus, that’s right, all you have to do is:

  1. Upgrade to 1.19.
  2. Navigate to one of your views in the UI.
  3. Begin searching.
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Btw. I tested the “Notifications” functionality. It’s awesome!!! :+1:
And I have, as usual, one more feature request… :grin: - would it be possible to filter ONLY the database records which contain comments? At this moment I didn’t find the way, how to do it.

would it be possible to filter ONLY the database records which contain comments? At this moment I didn’t find the way, how to do it.

Great idea @marcus! I’ve opened an issue in Gitlab about this.

Hmmm now I found, that Comments as well as Notifications and user tagging (I mean creating, adding etc.) is possible only for Premium/Advanced/Enterprise plans…

Hmmmm, a bit disappointing :slightly_frowning_face:

That is correct. Comments have always been a premium feature, and that is why Mentions are also included in paid plans, as these features are connected.

Hi, after I updated to v1.20, the baserow is soooo SLOW. Even when I put just one word to the search box, I have to wait about one minute until the page is refreshed.
Similar when changing views, using filters or changing field settings (f.e. colors for multiple-select items). Waiting is endless…

This makes the database very difficult to use. Please, coud you test/inspect this issue and make a patch or small update so it will work as fast as before?

Btw. should I worry about thatsearch_mode=full-text-with-count parameter? I mean should this be used or not (I never used or configured this one before as it was not needed - everything worked flawlessly until now).

Thanks for your fast response.

EDIT: the problem was resolved in next small update. Just to mention here. :grin: