New features in Baserow 1.18 🪗

An update in time for the weekend… :drum: We have rolled out several new features and bug fixes to enhance your Baserow experience.

Baserow 1.18 notes:

→ Count field
→ Rollup field
→ 30-day free trial of Advanced plan
→ Improved pasting capabilities

For full details, please check out the release blog post.

Enjoy the updated Baserow! Let us know your feedback on the new features in the comments. The team appreciates it :pray:


Question on rollup field types:

  • I have a table A which contains monthly expenses, categorized with a select field
  • I want to create a table B which sums up the total amount of expenses by category

can rollup field types achieve this ?

Hello Luc :wave:

Can you please elaborate a bit more on how your table A is organized? Or would help if you do a screenshot :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @lucw,

I believe the proper way to solve this would be as such:

Given table A with your expenses:

And table B to sum up your expenses by category:

The roleup field would look like such:

You still have to manually assign each expense from table A to the correct row in table B but given that we don’t auto-generate rows this is sort of to be expected in order to have one row per category.

Does that solve your use case?

thanks for providing an example. In your table A, the “category” field doesn’t play a role, programmatically, correct ? I tried to replicate this setup and with every new expense, I would have to modify the “Link to expenses” field manually, correct ?

If that’s the case, I think i’m still better served having a single table, and filtering by category when needed (and also has the benefit of being able to filter by category + time period, useful for accounting).

Ultimately I’d love to have group-by functionality the same as airtable, but I understand it’s still some time away on the baserow roadmap.

Anyway the top of my wishlist for baserow is still this: 📰 Community digest: contributions, AI in Baserow?, ambassador program, and much more - #2 by lucw

I would have to modify the “Link to expenses” field manually, correct ?

Yes that’s right.

In fact the rollup field is just a fancy wrapper for something that was already possible with our formula language by using sum and lookup but since not everybody wants to go deep enough into Baserow to learn how the formula language works we decided to provide a more accessible field type that does the same thing.

Separately, I noticed creating a new row is faster in 1.18. It used to be that if you quickly did shift+enter and then pasted text, you’d get an annoying error presumably as the backend was busy creating the new row. It’s much harder get that error now.