New templates and updates in Baserow 1.7

Every new Baserow release brings either new templates, or improvements to existing templates, or both!

New templates

Updates to other templates
Healthcare Facility Management

  • Added an Appointments table. This links to patients.

Book Writing Guide

  • Added an Editors table. After all, books get edited, right?
  • Added written portions to provide more context around the template.

Applicant Tracker

  • Added a References table. Jobs often want references, and job applicants have different references for different jobs.

Home Inventory

  • The color field for items is now multi-select. After all, different items can have multiple colors.
  • Added a formula that calculates the value of the items by multiplying the unit price times the quantity of the items.
  • Added written portions to provide more context around the template.

Blog Post Management

  • Created a URL structure field.
  • Created a Permalink field. This is a really helpful formula field that’s generated based on the blog’s domain, concatenated with the URL structure to provide the perfect permalink.
  • Added an excerpt field for those blogs that have excerpts.
  • Added a tags field, since blog posts can fit into both categories and tags.
  • Added data.

Wedding Planning

  • Added a formula field to determine the cost per person, depending on the venue.

Tons more improvements, updates, and additions were part of this release. Hope y’all enjoy! :wave: