Newest REST API changes

In early 2023, we decided to rename the concept of a “group” to "workspace”.

For most users, the only noticeable change was within the UI, but there were some important changes for our API consumers. To ensure a smooth transition, we initially updated our API specification to recommend using the functionally identical “workspace” endpoints instead of the deprecated “group” endpoints. However, now our users are required to migrate from the deprecated “group” endpoints to the “workspace” endpoints. The “group” endpoints will be removed and the use of “workspace” endpoints will become mandatory.

For example, the deprecated [create_group] endpoint must now be replaced with the identical [create_workspace] endpoint. In any API or WebSocket response that previously serialized a “group” ID, name, or nested object, it should now use “workspace” instead.

:exclamation: The group endpoints are going to be removed in version 1.24.