No-code projects popularity

Are no-code integration popular among freelance projects and companies overall?

No-Code is definitely on the rise.
Many of the freelance projects I take on for clients involve using no-code apps and integrations.
Zapier is an example of a no-code integration and automation platform.
No-Code apps offer citizen developers the ability and speed to create a proof of concept (POC) and MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) to be able to test and validate ideas.
Even large companies with established Tech teams and plenty of resources are democratizing the ability to leverage no-code for their employees.

Do you think it is crucial to have a technical background to become an automation freelancer?

Depends on your technical aptitude.
I have a career in tech (15+ years in tech operations and tech product mgmt), although Iā€™m not a developer/programmer by education.
Without a doubt having a solid foundation of how HTTP REST works for API requests, how webhook event notifications work, how databases work, data types, etc. will serve you well if looking to become an automation freelancer.
You should strive to be a lifelong learner.
I continually upskill as the market changes.

Suppose I want to become an automation developer. What is your advice on where should I start from?


The Zapier Community is a great place to learn as well. (

As well, focus on a few apps and go deep in your knowledge of integrating with them.

Google searches can be your best friend as well.

Thank you for your response, @troytessalone !

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