NodeRed and Baserow API

Hey Guys,

sorry this is the 100. Question in the Shape of “Connecting Baserow to X”

I have issues trying to connect my Nodered Instance to Baserow.
Now I have generated my Bearer Token but for whatever reason I never get past the Authorization.
I tried the following Configurations:

I always get “{“detail”:“Authentication credentials were not provided.”}”

Im pretty sure my token and URL is correct.
URL is


The issue with the http-request node in Node-Red is that you cannot send the required header data to authenticate with the Baserow API. Therefore, you need to add an additional function node that provides the header information.

The function node contains the following code

msg.headers = {};
msg.headers['Authorization'] = 'Token xxx';
return msg;

You connect this function node with the http request node

But since you already set the header information in the function node, you do not need to set any authentication here.


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