Not possible to show Rating fields

Just learned I can’t show ratings of the ‘Rating’ field in App Builder.

Is this in the works?


Since the rating field is actually just a visual layer in the database, it is considered a number in the application builder so far.

My workaround is - once again - an iFrame - that uses a for loop to show the corresponding number of stars.

Hi Frederick,

Good that there’s a workaround, but nevertheless, I hope it will be supported at one point. I’m not that good in coding :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


At some point we should be able to match each table field types to it’s corresponding element type, so the rating element and the rating table fields are in the roadmap. I’ve created the issue to reflect it: Not possible to show Rating fields

It’s coming :wink:

Great - good to know.
I’ve tried a bit with iframe, but I’ve given up for now.

thanks for the feedback