Open source self-hosted: can I allow users to query a database, but not to edit it?

I’m running Baserow as a self-hosted service, as a Docker container. Ideally I would like other people to be able to see and query my databases, but not to edit them in any way. Is this possible in the open-source self-hosted version? If I open up the databases to other people, then I don’t want them making changes. I’m a little unclear about the difference between an Admin and a Member; in particular I don’t know if a Member has editing powers over a database or its tables. Many thanks, Alasdair


The free open-source self-hosted version only has the option of a Member and an Admin. Both roles will be able to modify the data in your base. The Enterprise version has role based access control which means that you can offer read-only and even comment-only rights to the users.

Viewers and commenters are non-paying roles in your hosting. So, you only pay for the members that can actually edit the data and structure.

Other ways to present the data as read-only is by sharing a view publicly or creating a web-based application using the application builder.