Order list and form fields

I checked this question with the development team and due to this issue: Use the field ordering of the first view in the row select modal (#1062) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab, your fields are ordered by the order of the first view of that table. So if your table has a couple of views, it takes the first one and uses the order of that one. And if you are re-ordering the fields in any other view it won’t change anything.

Thanks for looking into this! And yes that makes sense but I actually only have one view :see_no_evil:

@bram or @Alex can you please jump in and help to figure out what is wrong?

Hey @laumes, in which model are the fields not ordered? Is it this one that’s opened directly when you click on an existing link to table relationship like the image below?

Or this one, when selecting a new relationship like the image below?

The reason I’m asking is because we’ve implemented the ordering only when selecting a new relationship and not looking at an existing one.

Here is also a demo of this working in the scenario described.

Maybe there is something else going on?


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Aha I see what you mean, thanks to both for explaining it! I indeed thought that I would see the “right” (so my rearranged) order when I opened the modal of an existing link (first image), I do see the right order when selecting a relationship. But for me it would make more sense that you see the correct order when you open the details of the linked row, that way I could see all the information in the logical order that I have restructured it, instead of having to go back to the original table to see the correct overview there.

That makes sense.

To me that sounds reasonable as a feature request, what do you think @bram ?

Yeah I think it makes sense to implement that for the row edit modal as well.

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