Order list and form fields

First i made a table with fields Name - Issues - Role
Then i changed that to Name - Role - Issues by dragging the columns.

When i select the form it doesn’t display the order in which I changed the list but displays the order in which i started the list. See the sample below.

I think the form should display the order in which i changed the columns.

I see your point, but the order of the fields is unique per view. You can create multiple grid views and move the fields in a different order. The row edit modal is supposed to be independent from the views because it could (in the future) be opened from different places and not only the grid view. What would for example happen when you hide a field in the grid view, do you also expect it to be hidden in the modal?

From a technical point of view, we could modify the modal so that a preferred order can be provided upon opening, which would in case opened from the grid view, the order of fields there. But I’m not quite sure if we want to. Maybe we could have an order of fields in a table and respect that in the modal here.

What would you prefer as a user? Having a separate ordering of fields related to the table, that will basically allow you to drag and drop the fields in the modal independent of the field order in the grid view. Or respect the grid view ordering in the row edit modal.

Yes that is what i would expect to happen.

I tried to drag and drop the fields in the modal to see if i missed something but that didn’t work.
It could both be independent for each other. But i would guess there should be a possibility to change the order of the fields both in grid and in the modal.

I agree with Peter, when on a particular grid view A and I click on the row edit button I would expect the field ordering to match the view I am currently in. Hidden fields could also just be collapsed but still semi-visible / expandable? The main reasoning is if I make a view, often theres a few key important fields I care about so I order them to be first and hide non relevant ones. Then when I go to edit fields in the view I want the ones i’ve ordered to appear first as they are the most important ones in that context. Otherwise I have to search through etc.

Are there situations when you can get the row edit modal open when you don’t have a specific view selected and where the table level field ordering would be used/needed? If such a situation exists I think it would be reasonable to just do some default ordering and not allow dragging/dropping, v0v.


I would also be a BIG fan of this, that when you change the order of fields this also changes in the row edit modal. Since the modal is a great why to have a quick overview of all your fields, but currently it’s not very useful because how you have structured your fields does not appear there, making it difficult to find information.

Also, I think it’s not possible to expand fields (at least I cannot find this but I am really a newbie :blush:) so if you would want to read the full text, you have to open the modal but then there the order is different. Any plans on making it possible to “wrap” fields? Same goes for the options in multi select fields as these also don’t appear in full …

Good news we will be releasing Baserow 1.10.1 shortly which lets you change the order of fields, hide and unhide them all in the row edit modal :slight_smile: . The row edit modal will also show the fields in the right order and collapse hidden fields into a hidden section at the bottom.

Hopefully this change will also help with your second issue of not being able to see all the contents of a cell. However have you tried using the Long text field type and/or double clicking on cells to see them expanded:



Ah that’s great :grinning:! Yes indeed, that way I get to see the full content but I would like to see all text all the time, but once the row edit modal has the fields in the right order that will already help, thanks!

FYI we have deployed 1.10.1 to baserow.io already to test it out before offically releasing it for self hosters. If you are using baserow.io then you should already have this new feature :slight_smile:


Super!! Yes it works, both in the grid and gallery view so that’s great :grinning:

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Thanks a lot for this enhancement, very usefull for us too, that made the day of one of my coworker ! :smiley:

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Hello again,

in the 1.10.1 release you made the fields appear in the right order in the “raw edit modal” popup window, but the right field ordering is missing in the popup window appearing when you double-click on an item in a cell of a linked table column : the modal window should show the fields of that linked table in the current column order of that table, not the column creation order

and ditto when we want to choose an item from a related table, the display to select the relevant row does not show the columns as ordered as in the related table. For example in some case, we must move the horizontal scroll bar to the end of the line to see a newly added field in the linked table, whereas after adding the field in the linked table, we moved its column to the left in the linked table.

And more of the same, the order of the rows of a linked table :
when a field is of “linked table” type, the row selection popup window in the linked table shows the rows unsorted (= in encoding order). The rows of the linked table should appear in the sort order defined in the linked table

Hey Vincent! Here is the link to track this issue, we plan to implement it in release 1.12: Use the field ordering of the first view in the row select modal (#1062) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab.

Yes, I noticed the same issue, that when I link to a row in another table and you open the row there, it does again show the order of creation, instead of how you have reordered it. Glad to read that you are already working on this :+1:!

Hello @laumes, you got it right, this feature will be released very soon :raised_hands:

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Hello @Vincent and @laumes, the issue “Use the field ordering of the first view in the row select modal” was fixed in Baserow 1.12 along with 30+ other updates, make sure to test everything out :raised_hands:

Hi! Many thanks for the update! But perhaps I meant something else since I still have the issue that when I link to a row in another table and then I open the row from that other table, it does still show the fields in the order they were created, instead of how I have reordered them.

Hey @laumes, I will check this with the team, sorry for the inconvenience it may cause :raised_hands:

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Hey @laumes do you have sorting applied on the table you’re linking to?

No, no sorting applied (I’ve just rearranged the order of the rows and fields)!