Order single select values by the select option order instead of alphabetically

Already an issue on GitLab, cross-posting it here for visibility.

“When sorting, when the user chooses a “sort by” field that is of type single select, it would be very helpful if you could choose to sort the field by the user-chosen option order in the single select field. As it is now, the single select field can only be sorted alphabetically. However, this lacks intuitiveness. If the single select field options can be rearranged, then the user-chosen order of options is significant. Thus the user should be able to sort that field type by his chosen option order.”


Hey-hey! We plan to implement this feature soon. So it will be possible to sort Single select fields according to the order of the options in the field’s menu, or alphabetically if you’d like. We don’t have any exact time frames yet, but we will try to work on it in the nearest future :raised_hands:

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Hey team, is this still being looked at? I’ve got the same need as Teferi, and saw that this issue is still open! Thank you!

Hey @Yam, first of all, welcome to the Baserow community! This is a low-priority issue, and that’s why there hasn’t been any progress yet. I’ll check with the team if we can score it slightly higher. :slightly_smiling_face:

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