Our biggest feature release to date, Baserow 1.22, is now available! 🚀

:loudspeaker: We are thrilled to announce our biggest release yet—Baserow 1.22—with many of the most awaited features! Introducing:

  • Group by field
  • Created by field type
  • Last modified by field type
  • Follow or unfollow row comments
  • Notifications for new form submissions
  • Duration field type
  • Autonumber field type
  • UUID field type
  • Radio and checkbox components in forms
  • Multiple select field type support in formulas
  • Switching between personal and collaborative views

Get the full scoop on everything :new: here!


:slight_smile: ANTASTIC! I appreciate especially “grouping” feature (this can vastly help when working and browsing a bunch of rows visually) as well as “last created/modified by” (nice for easy analysis of “who what” :slight_smile:

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Ending the year with a :boom:


Great job!! Thank you!
So many features to discover…! :smiley_cat: