Over limits in Heroku Database

This is very weird. I set up a new instance of Baserow on Heroku a couple of hours ago. Free plan 10k rows. Should be fine. I left it as i wanted to come back and then about an hour later i got an email like so
I didn’t do anything apart from add an API KEY, but not connected to anything. very strange. Can anyone advise what might be going on?

btw, when i go in to my baserow instance, there are 3 tables, each has no more than 4 records. It’s very strange.

This is from Heroku, but I’m not seeing it in my Baserow version. this all happened within 2 hours, no connections, webhooks or APIs set up.

Thanks in advance

Thanks for catching this, looks like our built in templates are filling up this heroku 10K row limit as of the latest release of Baserow. I’ve created an issue to track this here Templates fill up Herokus 10K database limit (#804) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab and at the latest we will have a fix ready for the next release of Baserow. There is perhaps a temporary fix we can release tomorrow, i’ll keep you updated.

Thanks @nigel I don’t need an urgent fix, but i suppose others might. Let me know when it’s resolved and that will work for me. Thanks again.

@nigel any update on this one? Thanks

Hey @Matt, we just silently released version 1.9. This version will not install the templates by default. If you install a fresh copy on Heroku (Installation on Heroku // Baserow), it should work with the free version.

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@bram thanks. will give it a try and keep you posted

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