Paginating through a table

hello. How does pagination work with baserow? Page parameter has to be an integer so I cant Use the “Next” url that is returned with every request to move to the next page.

As far as i understand page count = total number of rows / size(amount of rows per request) = total number of pages.

so why do i keep getting error “page does not exist.”

right now im using an “IF” node to check if the “Next” url is empty, if its not empty Ill loop back to the http node and increase the page parameter by 1 after every loop.
this works for the first few rows, but towards the end i keep getting error “page does not exist.”

tldr: how can I paginate through a table, I keep getting error “page does not exist.” despite there still being rows in the table

solved. this was an issue with n8n where other nodes where interfering with the pagination.

what I said above is true but I also forgot to consider the fact that I was deleting rows so that was also affecting the page count.