Pasting Data Into Tables

Pasting data from clipboard into a table. Currently if I try to copy and paste data from airtable into basreow it doesn’t work. I have to use CSV method.

Furthermore, I just got tried to paste a single line of text into multiple records, and I wasn’t able to do that.

I do these things often already in Airtable. Would be nice to see in basreow.


Hello @Clouted! Yeah, that’s something we definitely plan to add to Baserow. In the last release we published an update to multiple cell copying, and in the 1.10 (the one we’re currently working on) we’ll publish multiple cell paste. More and more copy and paste features will be available quite soon, and we’ll take into account your requests :raised_hands:

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Hi Olga, do you have any insight into when version 1.10 will be available with multiple cell copy/pasting?


The current version is 1.13. 1.10 was released in May and featured multiple cell copy and pasting.

Doesn’t it work for you?

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Hello @bgschust, welcome to the Baserow community :wave:

Thanks @Peter! @bgschust you can check what Baserow version you’re currently running by opening the API spec docs: Baserow API spec.

Hi @Peter @olgatrykush ,

I checked my version at the Baserow API spec link provided and it shows 1.13.3. Perhaps it is not working because I am using an old database in an old workspace? My username is removed by mod.

Hi, i removed your mail address. You shouldn’t post personal information like your mail address on the community. If necessary you could send a pm if asked by a mod or dev.

Can you show what is not working? How are you copying and pasting. When i use CTRL-C and CTRL-V it works. What browser are you using?

I am using Chrome with Ctrl+C then Ctrl+V, but I also tried in Firefox and it doesn’t work there. I see that it works if I copy multiple items and paste them, but I am not able to copy one item and paste it across multiple cells. I am also trying to figure out how to copy-paste linked fields from Airtable. There is another issue with deleting multiple cell contents and rows.

It is hard to see from here what you are doing. I just tested FireFox and everything is working for me. Copying multiple cells and copying single cells.

Are you trying to paste text into a number field? That doesn’t work and gives you an empty cell.

No I’m using a standard single line text field. Is there any way you can see it in my instance? I am an early user so maybe not all the updates made it to me.

Where are you trying to copy from? Are you sure there is some data in the clipboard after copying?

Yeah, I’m copy from cells above. There’s data in there. The behavior is unusual, where sometimes it pastes in the first cell, sometimes in the second, and sometimes not at at all, but it works normally when I copy multiple at once and paste. That’s just not what I need in order to get my data over from Airtable. I’m working with Baserow because I like the finer control over API key permissions.

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Maybe you can give some more info about the system you are using. Chrome and FireFox versions, OS you have, etc.

I cleared the cookies for Baserow. Are there any cookies from related websites I should try clearing? I also ran it in incognito mode.

Could you try to make a animated gif or video of the behavior you are describing?

Hi Peter, it says that new users cannot upload attachments. I have a video ready. Is there a way to privately message you? I didn’t see that option either.

I send you a pm, can you attach you video there?

This is the video @bgschust send me. What I understand from his explanation the user wants to paste the content of one cell in all the cells he has selected in one go.

Thanks Peter for your help :raised_hands:

@bgschust it’s unfortunately not possible to paste the content of one cell into multiple cells in one go for now. We plan to do a lot of copy & paste improvements, and this particular request was added as number 8 to this issue: Future grid view copy & paste improvements. (#1424) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab.


That sounds great, I’m looking forward to the updates!