Path to the baserow error log?

I’m unable to upload attachments and I’m trying to debug on my own but I can’t seem to find a Baserow error log?

The problem: File uploads aren’t uploading. I am just seeing a broken image.

My setup: Using Docker Desktop on mac and using the Baserow image supplied in the docs. Everything seems to be working fine except attachments. At first, I think, there was a conflict on port 4000 and I switched it to 4001 and then the media container ran okay. Perhaps a permissions issue? I am seeing the media folder is located in the root for the repository and there is a ngnix config there so maybe that needs manual editing?

Any help is appreciated! Amazing work with this app.

Hey @bfranklin ,

If you have a conflict with port 4000 you will need to set the MEDIA_URL and MEDIA_PORT variables for uploads to work like so:

MEDIA_URL=http://localhost:4001/media/ MEDIA_PORT=4001 docker-compose up

If you continue to have problems you can turn on the dev mode to make sure errors are being logged correctly like so:

./ restart --build

This will launch a dev environment and hopefully open various tabs for each baserow service. After which you can try do the upload and see if there are any errors showing in the backend tab.

Otherwise if you can’t see any tabs opened by ./ or you want to find the logs in non dev mode then you should be able to run docker-compose logs backend to say see the logs of the backend container.