Please Help 403 Forbidden Error

I recently migrated from Airtable. I have a self hosted install on a Linode running Cloudron. I am getting a 403 Foridden Error when I try to view PDF Files I have stored in a file field, and when I try to redownload them I get a file was not available error. At the same time files that I was able to migrate with an Airtable import seem to work fine. This is only seems to be occuring with files that are uploaded manually through the web browser.

Hi @cipherhunter, are there more details you can show with us? For example:

  • Which version of Baserow did you install?
  • How did you install on Cloudron. Was it using their app store or via the guide on our website?
  • Would it be possible if you share the link to the file that is not working?
  • Can you see if the file is uploaded in the Cloudron file manager?
  • Is there an additional error message visible by any chance?
  • Would you be able to provide me with access to your Baserow Cloudron instance so that I can debug the problem?