Possible error in MAKE file upload module to Baserow

I think there might be an error in the Baserow File Upload module on MAKE. This is what the module asks for, which is not what the online help indicates at all. :slight_smile: Just wanted to bring this to your attention in case something is broken. I will try to work out how to achieve the same via an API call, but… could be more challenging. lol (Trying to simply upload a jpeg into a field to provide a default image for the record. It seems like a two step process, upload the image to storage, then link the stored image to the image field in the row. Got the first bit working but not the second yet.)


Thank you for reporting this, I check it with the team.

Meanwhile, you can indeed use the combination of 2 API calls to upload the image:

  1. Upload the file using upload_file or upload_via_url. But from what I understand, you already got this working.
  2. Creating a new row using create_database_table_row

My suggestion is that you add a file manually to your File field while your browser inspector is open on the Network tab. This allows you to see what you should specify in the body in order to upload a file.

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Thanks so much Frederik. If the file upload is working again that would be easier. :sweat_smile: I have almost got the API approach working but maybe someone can point out where I’m going wrong with the collection string to update the row. :blush: (Sorry this is why I don’t code! lol)

You got the first step working. The file is uploaded to the baserow servers.

But you need to pass the entire response to the field_2271655, not just the url and a name.
You can check this in the documentation. Field number 15 is an example of the JSON that needs to be passed to the file field: update_database_table_row

So in your case this will be {“field_2271655”:" [14:Body]}

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Or the other option is to simply copy an existing image from another table’s field, that would be better actually, but… my brain can’t crack the code to make that happen either.

I am going to guess at this point that Make won’t let you embed a Collection directly, so I will need to read more to understand this. If it needs to be unwrapped manually, maybe I’ll wait for the file upload module to get fixed. :sweat_smile:
Tried al the variations, but same issue, so that is my current assumption. You can’t pass it a collection, it has to be fully unwrapped. Thanks for you help with this, please don’t wait time on my struggling with the basics. :+1: I will read some more.